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Our Star Guest This Week Chisom Okore Is Mr. Rex

Born Chisom Okore popularly known as Mr. Rex, born in the 90s 1st June 1996 from Abia State.His father Mr. Sunday Okore a farmer while the mother Mrs. joy Okore is a business woman. A circular musician, his kind of music, party jam afro beat, hip hop and R&B artiste. While growing up he got inspired in the music industry by Timaya.

He got his stage name in one of the movies he watches so, he Google it to know the meaning and he fall in love with it. That’s why he started answering the name Mr. Rex, Rex who started doing music since 2009 has a lot to thank God for.

Who is your role model in this music industry?

And my role model is Timaya and Olamide.

How many songs have you and when did you start doing music?

I have recorded 4 tracks for now I still have so many songs coming soon…I have been into the music industry for 7 years.

Where do you get inspiration from to composed music?

Some times when I listen to the so call big artistes in the world whatever they say I will change it to my own kind and my fans like it, or I just sit down compose on my own.

Do you have brothers and sisters?

Yes, I do have brothers and sisters, and they love me because have a good talent.

Mr Rex

How can people get to hear your songs and which links can they get them?

Yea, I do put them in some of those big sites. Am sure they will love to download it,

because I have people who like everything about me inside the country and outside the country.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 year?

I will like to see myself as a big popular musician in the whole world best singer and rapper.

What was your first dream while growing up?

I have always love music, since I was born so my dream has always been music.

In the music industry who are you hoping to be or better than?

I love to be like Timaya, Olamide and Wizkid even better than them.

Do you play any music instrument?

No, I don’t really play any for now

Why are you dress like this?

Hahaha, I dress this way because am a musician that’s why. I need to look good for fans to see me they will like to meet with me.

Tell us brief history about your family background?

When I was young nobody valued me even my mom and dad…were not there for me…is only my grandmother that take care of me I even thought she was my real mom so, I took her as my everything. It was when she died I discover my real mom and dad at 17 then, I thank God for keeping me alive.

Do you have a girlfriend?

yes, I have a girlfriend.

As an upcoming artiste what advice that guide you can you give to other upcoming?

what I can tell upcoming is to keep hustling and believe one day you will get. There just keep doing what you are doing in the music industry your time will come.

What bad habits do you have?

Am a good guy but people always complain that am always smiling and I tell them is my life, that could be my bad habit.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Rice, Yam.

What do you do when not singing?

I will just be playing music and be doing my other domestic work, anytime people ask me I will tell them music is where my mind is, they will not say anything and they just wish me good luck.

Mr Rex

Do you have friends, group or team that you do music?

I have friends I do music with but am not in any team or group am just on my own doing my best to come up like others big artistes.

Everybody is working hard for themselves just to come up as an artist, doing their best just the way am also doing right now, but God will welcome them one day.

What’s your next plan regarding your music?

My plans is giving one of my song a good promotion for my name to go far and also planning to shot my video this year.

What your favorite sport?

I love Football that’s my favorite sport.
What can you say about King James media?

I greet everyone in home (king James media) thank you all for making me to become a known person in the music industry specially the men boss in King James. I greet you boss.

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Eweha Favour

King James

James Onomaosor Idinye popularly known as JoblessMc, is an actor, a blogger and a true life comedian. Hail from Edo State. A Banking and Finance student of Lagos State Poly and a professional security expect, still active. My true mission for blogging is to help the upcoming artiste and create an enabling environment for them all in the entertainment industry.

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