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The Chronicle of Stanley Martin Lieber Known as Stan Lee

Did know you Stan Lee is one of the biggest names in the history of comic book? Let us tell you the exact true story, He co-created the comic characters in the world now namely Ironman, X-men, the Incredible Hulk, Spider Man to mention just a few. What most human people didn’t know is that the very first hero he created is almost completely forgotten in the Marvel Universe.

Born Stanley Martin Lieber in Manhattan, New York in America, 28th December 1922 from a Jewish immigrant background. An editor, a comic writer and a publisher, he attended Dewitt Clinton High School.


In 1939, sixteen-year-old Stanley graduated from high school looking for a job. While his father a dress cutter was working in a garment industry. Stan Lee as he popularly known was tired of depressions he started taking for odd jobs since he was a young child after graduation. Stan Lee went through a number of dead end jobs, his uncle Robby ask Stan Lee to go check if there was a opening at a place he worked at his called the Timely Comics. Timely Comics were owned by a distance cousin by marriage Martin Goodman.

Martin Goodman

Most employees there where related to Goodman but there is exception with Joe Simeon and an art director Jack Kirby, Stan Lee was standing behind when uncle Robby walk up to Joe Simeon and said give him some art work to keep him busy no one remember for sure if anyone has talked to Martin but Stan Lee appearance could have come in a better time.

Jack Kirby

Stan Lee was extremely talented but small Stan Lee tried to keep up with the work load. Martin Goodman started Timely Comics, Goodman was pulp magazine publisher who decided to jump into the Comic Book field and the love for Superman and other heroes has become known. Goodman went to an independent packager of Comics called Funny Inks he purchased a lot of material to put together a Comic book simply titled “MARVEL COMICS” the book which future exploit of not one but two superheroes the “Human Touch” and the “Sub-Mariner”.

Goodman published 80,000 copies in October 1939, it was all sold out, He then published another book with November date on it 800,000 copies and guess what! it was all sold out. That claimed good for Goodman so he went back to Funny Ink instead of buying more art and stories rather he went for their staffs.

Goodman felt for him to be successful he had to cut out the middle man. It would be far more profitable to gather his own staff than to use an outside art studio first, he had to wait and talk to Joe Simeon who brought with him Carl Burgos who had created a Human Torch and whoever had created Sub-Mariner.

Bill Everett

Simeon also hired his friend Bill Everett and Jack Kirby, Kirby who he first met at fox publications working on the blue beetle at Funny Ink they team up some friction Superhero named “Blue Bolt”. From the start the Timely officer where dropping, Stan Lee was hired for a hefty sum of 8 dollars in a week after a week on the job Stan declared “I know everything” and then demanded for promotion! Simeon blocked the youngster by giving him more responsibilities however he still paid him 8 dollars a week, the kid (Stan Lee) learnt how to do clean art work and ink over pencil line he did lettering for the work line then learn the working on how to make comic book.

He was still fetching sandwich and coffee but Joe Simeon was given him a chance to prove himself. Stan Lee has a soft ambition to be a novelist but at this time the youngster had his life in front of him and he pictured himself staying in comics for long. He was placed three times in New York Herald to see a rounding contest for teams it was a feat no one else had ever done he was imagining his future success but not in comics. He got his first opportunity to write came up in Captain America’s issue (3) because it was running two pages short, Joe Simeon told Stan Lee to go home and write text only story to fill out the issue he didn’t have time to draw an ink graphic stories to get it to the printer on time, Stan Lee went home and came back with a twenty page of captain America in bulky story.

Joe Simon and Stan Lee

Captain America foils the traitor revenge was written in a type of prose that was prevalent to win pulp magazine of the day but the story prove two things.

  • Stan Lee could write another story
  • Stan Lee could beat the deadline

Stanley was afraid of using his real name so, he uses the pet name “Stan Lee”. He appears in comics for the very first time. Stan Lee first graphic story appears two issues later with Captain America issue number five (5). Stan Lee has found his calling but he did not know it yet.

A Superhero In otology called “THE MYSTIC COMICS” came back in the publication after a seven-month, Joe Simon told Stan Lee start work on the title, the book which features heroes such as the original “Black Widow”, “Blazing Skull” and the “Black Marvel” however none of this character could cut on. Stan Lee was given the opportunity to create his own Super hero the sixth issue which feature the very first creation by then seventeen-year-old writer “THE DESTROYER” like Captain American the story Destroyer pre-date America in-tray in world war (2). Why reporting on the war in Europe the American journalist Kevil keen Marlow was captured by Nazi they accused him of spying and they threw him in a concentration camp where he meets a German scientist Smith, he too was a prisoner in the camp, they Nazi know he was working in a top-secret super hero soldier that they wanted. They beat smith in the depth of the cell; he then shares a secret with Kevil Marlow.

Stan Lee and Joe Maneely

He told Marlow that he has hidden the last syrup in the jail cell, Marlow now finds it and drinks it but before he could escape Smith had died and passed away. Kevil Marlow breaks out of the concentration camp but he stays in Germany he made a straight costume and started attacking the Nazi from behind enemies’ lines as the destroyer.

Over the next couple of years, the Destroyer adventure spread out across the coast he would even name the title the Super hero team the all winners squad. Stan Lee was learning how to write and edit and he learnt from the best Joe Simeon and Jack Kirby, considered by many as the best writers in the business a number of publishers would want to steal them away from Timely Comic but to no avail two big reasons could change this and create a big opportunity for the youngster.

  • There was a major riff at the Timely office, Simeon and Kirby have a profit sharing with Martin Goodman over Captain America, and they believed that Goodman was cheating them.
  • After prelabour they expected to be drafted the two men wanted to provide for their families. The pay enlisted on them could not compensate the loss of their Timely Comic as always.

They worked out a deal with DC Comics to produce materials that could be published while they are serving in the military, they lived in a hotel room and set up and make shift art studio and make time in the evening would leave Timely Comic and work on DC stories Stan Lee realized something was up and asked if he could help out? Kirby told Simeon not to trust Stan Lee they took Stan Lee along anyway after Stan Lee began helping them at DC rumor got to Goodman, Simon and Kirby were fired Simon blamed DC staffs for riding them out; however, Kirby blamed Stan Lee.

Goodman temporally gave the 18-year-old Simeon job he told Stan Lee that he would be replaced as soon as he could find someone. Goodman would be forced to find someone a year late in1942 Stan Lee was called up for military service Captain America, the Human Torch and the Sub Marine would have to continue on without him Vincent Vago was appointed an editor during the Stan absence.


Stan returned back in 1945 but he didn’t return on the same book industry he had left. Captain America survived but most of Timely Superhero like his “THE DESTROYER” has fallen into a void. Western War and crime comic have taken over the industry.

He convinced Goodman to try publishing a Superhero called the “BLONDE PHANTOM” but the masked mystery woman failed to turned the tide interesting Superhero continue and the once popular Marvel Mystic Comic continue slipped unto 1949 Captain America only continued beyond until 1950 the changes in Stan Lee’s life was not limited to his professional career his days of being in bachelor’s world had to ended when he met his heartthrob Jane Boocock.

They got married 1947 shortly after their marriage, Stan Lee mother passed away. Stan Lee 15-year-old kid brother Larry Lieber moved him in a newly wedded couple like the way uncle Robby did for Stan Lee, he took Larry to work in a Timely office Larry began to grow up in the Comic Book world and he grow up to become a respected artist an editor in his own way. It was during this time that Martin Goodman began taking action to make his Comic Book line more competitive on the Comic Book rank he rebranded Timely Comic into ATLAS the new Atlas lined dedicated itself to catching him on hot publishing, DC COMICS started a new way of pouring sci-fiction and war title they leaked to the forefront of the comic book industry.

The Atlas plan was to copy them. many Comic Books fans were momentary Atlas years the general feeling that this time period was a waste of Stan Lee talent in reality this was a very important time, Stan develop as a write this non-Superhero Journal Has turned out to be a story teller in proving ground Stan Lee perfected the art of setting up jokes and punch line for human book like Millie the Model the Atlas western started to make him write on stories with a code.

His war stories focus on emotion, comedy and battle fields action, complicated relationships and heart full of romance in the science friction tiles recalled by wired science, suspense and twisted endings.

Stan had to learn and master all the elements that took the talent tales in his devour journal.

His staffs at office said that Stan was the hardest working-man in comics he would simply stay behind his type writer all day and creating story after story. It was during this time Larry and Stan Lee became the master story teller. Atlas re-branded itself into Mortal Comic group Stan applied everything he learned into the new line there was the comic book world before the first issue of the fantastic four and then there was a Comic Book world after Stan lee had learned how to build up drama explosive action using complicated plank structures his character was complexes so many of it were relationship with each colour.

The new Marvel Comics grow in industries leader made the DC picture bold and stiff in 1967 at then tale the back-media Marvel sold almost all his comic books at DC. The difference been with Marvel had 8 buffers titles DC had about 40, marvel expanded the crew according to the leader of the industry who take a quarter century before DC could catch up.

Matins Goodman retired in 1972 and Stan was been published in recent years. Stan Lee has become an icon of American pop culture his name has almost synonymous with term Superhero many of the Superhero characters he created or co-created has become household names but the exceptional for one his very first Superhero he created “THE DESTRORER” In 1970s his writing editor Thomas revived the Destroyer in the pages of the invaders giving a new alter ego the character involve into a new superhero the Union Jack.

In 2009 the original Destroyed and was revived in 5-part mini-series his re-lunch was written by Robert was popularly better than the walking dead this story picks out with the 19-year-old destroyer trying to settle the old scores and split out in his vital days. Rest In Peace Stanley Martin Lieber.

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