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Our Star Guest This Week Chioma Chris Nmezi is CEECEE MEZ

Born Chioma Chris Nmezi, an actress, a song writer and a hair Stylist. Born in the 80s, a 5ft 10inch, weight over 80kg, with brown eyes and light in complexion, from Nwangele Local Government Area of Imo State. She has written some stories not yet developed into scripts, neither has she produced any movie yet.

Her parents are Mr. Christian Okechukwu Nmezi a retired police DSP and Mrs. Patience Nkechi Nmezi  a caterer by profession in shell Nigeria in Port Harcourt where She also grew up. She grew up loving people like Genevieve Nnaji and Ucheria  Anunobi in the movie industry, chi who can play role apart from nude couldn’t thank anybody but God  and people who inspired her to be what she is in the movie industry.

Aside from acting!  Lady chi braid for sale, a Stylist, a song writer and an Upcoming gospel Reggie artiste stage name CEECEE MEZ. Being the first child of family of four, Chioma lost her only sister in 2014 making her the only surviving female child of Nmezi family and her nephew David.

Chisom Okore and Ife


Her late sister was like a man she is very strong but its unfortunate she passed on; her family was an easy-going family until the nightmare struck within 5years she lost all the people she loved most. “Chioma” I never knew that life can turn out this way, it just like wonder the bible says in proverbs 27vs 1 boast not for tomorrow no one knows what tomorrow will bring forth. We had so much plans for tomorrow and future i never knew it was going to be like this!!😭😭

As at the time of interview Chioma can boost of over 50 movies or more she had acted to her credit. She started acting professionally since 2015.

Chioma can boldly say her inspirations came from God, she said “God inspired me and I see great potentials and the gift in me to put smiles on faces of people” she quotes.

Where do you see yourself in the next Five (5) years?

In the next 5yrs😂🤣🤣 l will be in the world, if Christ did not come!!Well l planed for a settled life, and higher height in my carriers and life in general.

What was your first dream at the early stage of your life?

My first dream when growing was having a clothing outfit and saloon and hair beauty world.

Not acting really but l discovered that whatever l do people see me doing anything that look like I’m acting, and on several occasions, people will stop me and say, l “watched your movie! Will be so shocked like that? as if have not acted before. But I will usually expect it because l didn’t want to say am not the one.


She came to Lagos when she was to travel to London and she was denied a visa so she stayed back in Lagos. It was there that people started seeing her more as an artist.

She asked for Nollywood office then at National theatre NCNC where she did her registration and got started.

In the movie industry, who are you hoping to be better than?

Who I’m hoping to be better than? Ewoooo🙆🏾‍♂🙆🏾‍♂ I’m hoping to be better than what l am now.

What is your religion?

I am a Christian a believer highly spiritual person, because the spiritual controls the physical

Do you play any musical instrument?

Noo, I don’t play any instrument but sings. I’m even working on songs now, l write gospel songs and I Sing in the church.


She attended Paradise Nursery School Later went to Community Primary School Oyigbo Port Harcourt Rivers. She did her Junior Secondary Certificate in G.S.S Government Secondary School, Oyigbo, Rivers State.

She attended her High School in Bani Ogoni in Rivers State, Rumuolumeni Secondary 2003 set, where she obtains her WASE. Between 2008_ 2011 she was in Abia State Polytechnic, where she obtains her Diploma in pubic Administration.


What is your best colour?

Awwwww best colour Red

Why do you dress the way you do?

Well l like to dress decent and matured too, I’m not one of the ladies who dress to expose their body all in the name of fashion. Or to seek attentions from the opposite sex. The truth is that men are tired of seeing naked ladies, or girls

Are you in a relationship or married?

Hahaha still single.

As an up-comer what advice can you give to the upcoming artiste?

Yea, as an up-comer. l never arrive yet ooo, the industry is not as easy as it seems It’s not an easy place check if you are called in here don’t come because you see people have made it. If you see what they went through hmmmmmm just get focus. Determination, Vision ambitions don’t let anyone deceive you to tell you they will make you star story. God is the only one that’s promotes anybody.

Psalm 75vs 6_7, Beware many has come and gone believe in yourself you will achieve it.


The names of some of my movies?

“Wrong choice” “Kasimobi” “Family altars” “Rain of hope” “God of the orphans” “Nnwwaoguefi” “Anine babies” “Yes we will” “Pregnant School Girl” “Ahula” “Dinner with Lucifer” “Share my bed” “Kings sleepless nights” “Forgiveness of blood” “Living with a stranger” “Red vengeance” “King Urenma” “Ije my love” “The marshals” “Hottest boys” “Desperate soul” “Kill the cheaters”.

Other of my jobs are?

“My crush” “Games married women play and Lagos house wives”.

Tell us what you know about King James media?

Well king James media is the best for now when it comes in helping upcoming ARTISTE WHO HAVE NO VOICE. It’s the voice for the future stars.

Written by

Eweha Favour

King James

James Onomaosor Idinye popularly known as JoblessMc, is an actor, a blogger and a true life comedian. Hail from Edo State. A Banking and Finance student of Lagos State Poly and a professional security expect, still active. My true mission for blogging is to help the upcoming artiste and create an enabling environment for them all in the entertainment industry.

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