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Our Star Guest This Week Bonfre OTUBA Akam is Zagga Nation

Born Bonfre OTUBA Akam stage name Zagga Nation, born 13th November 1989. A fair in complexion, 5ft 9inch guy, a song writer, who plays circular music, rap in patual, hip hop and the owner of Zagga World entertainment. Zagga nation started his music career since 2007 and has over unreleased 10 tracks singles. He attended his schools in Iboko Ebonyi State, his parent are from Eboyin State, Mr. and Mrs. Nwofe  Otuba  Akam from Ette Ezza inyimegu Izzi Local Government Area of Abakaliki and they are both into farming.


Who is your role model in the music industry?

Yea, people like Benieman, Sean Paul, Rasikimono and Patoranking, these are my role model in the entertainment industry.

Where do you get inspirations from to compose music?

My inspiration comes from Jah God almighty.

Do you have brothers, sisters and what’s your position in the family?

Okay, I have brothers and sisters, and am the third born from family of five with two sibling girls.

What was your first dream while growing up?

It was music that was my first dream and still is.

In the music industry who are you hoping to be better than?

I want to be better than Patoranking.

What is your best colour?

I love my colour white and red.

Do you have a girlfriend?

No girlfriend, not when am still trying to find my feet.


Born and raised in Iboko community Abakaliki, from a family of five, three boys’ two girls, he is the third child. He’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Nwofe  Otuba  Akam  from Iboko descendant Ebony State. His grow up in a difficult environment coupled with the fact that the parents were not too rich farmers. That resulted in his relocating to Lagos.


He attended Ette Nursery and Indiamadi Primary School; he also attended Boyz Secondary School Iboko Ebonyi State Nigeria. He grew up in the eastern region of Nigeria but his adult age was in Lagos Nigeria.

He can speak English, Igbo Language, Yoruba, Izzi language and Jamaica patual.

As an upcoming artiste what advice can you give to other upcoming artiste?

As upcoming artiste, you must fight for your future, is like a jungle only the best survives.

What bad habits do you have?

No bad habit, not even friends to give me opportunity.

How are your parents taking your career?

Do they have any options? As long as it has been putting food on my table, my parents are okay with it they wished me well. The road has not been easy, but I believe before end of this year I will make it through King James media by the special grace of God.
What’s your favorite food?

My favorite foods are rice, yam, Fufu, Garry and Egusi soup and vegetable.

What do you do when you are not singing?

When am not singing or in the studio, you can always find me at my hustling ground selling CD’s to make money, is an extra job I do when I’m not in the studio.

Do you have friends, group or team you do music with?

I have colleagues as a musician but am not into any group.

Tell us briefly who is Zagga Nation?

Zagga Nation is a simple human being in nature, who hates embarrassment and hates those who like taking advantage of other kind people.

What plans do you have for this year?

My music plans for this year 2019 is to be great in my music career, and for all my fans they should expect my Album from me early this year.

A side music and your usual hustle what else do you?

I love music, football, and I watch a lot of Jamaican movies.

Please give us your social media handles?

Yea, my Facebook name is Zagga Nation Zagga Nation and Instergram name is Zagganation.

What is your colour code?

My type of dressing is red and white.

What can you say about King James media?

King James is the best ever in the world, I wish them more prosperity and long life in the entertainment world.

Written by

Eweha Favour

King James

James Onomaosor Idinye popularly known as JoblessMc, is an actor, a blogger and a true life comedian. Hail from Edo State. A Banking and Finance student of Lagos State Poly and a professional security expect, still active. My true mission for blogging is to help the upcoming artiste and create an enabling environment for them all in the entertainment industry.

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