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Our Star Guest This Week Cletus Ojobo Godwin is Gen.T

Born Cletus Ojobo Godwin stage name Gen.T, Born and brought up in Otukpa Benue State, his father is a civil servant, Mr. Godwin Okwori while the mother Mrs. Paulina Godwin is a trader.

A musician and a song writer, he attended Court primary School in Ogbadibo Local Government- Otukpa, then OCSSO Community Secondary School Otukpa in Ogbadibo Local Government area of Benue State in 2010 and enrolled in Benue State Polytechnic where he did his Diploma in Public Accounts and Auditing in 2013.

His kind of person he is so optimistic, patient and ambitious; he craves for philanthropist exploit with the little he has and determined to never back out from a fight for success no matter the odds.

Who inspired you in to music?

Nobody really inspired me into music, at the age of 11, I discovered I could sing. Whenever I heard a song twice from either the radio station or neighborhood I sang along. All passion for music inspired me, that is why I don’t play any musical instrument just vocal. His single was Hembelembe in 2015.

Who can you say is your role model in the music industry?

Every good music creator in the music industry is my role mode no sentiments.

As a matter of fact, I am still doing music on a low key since I am yet to get signed to a label. Music is capital intensive and since I am not capable financially I haven’t ventured into the music business. What I do now is go to local studio that I can afford, and do good music and share for the listen pleasure of fans and perform at local shows.


He signed for Eficto Concept Show, MTN Project Fame Show in 2014, though he was knocked out at first stage of the audition in Abuja, he also performed in several locally organized shows in Nassarawa and Benue States.

Brief history of his family background 

Although he grew up in not too rich family, the parents were able to put three square meals on their table. He is from a happy family of three 2 boys and a girl, though she’s late. And so, Gen.T happens to be the second born of family making him the last born for his mother.

Where can we get any of songs?

My single is on naijapalz for now. I don’t have a music video yet but you can search my songs on YouTube and listen to it. I did few songs recently like little little patience and I’m currently cooking one hoping to be officially released soonest, go to naijapals.com and you will get many of my songs there for downloads, other links and blogs where you can get my songs plus my YouTube channel will soon be on my facebook wall @ Cletus oj gen_t.

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself living my dream In the next 5 years from now, just doing the music business and doing my philanthropic exploits. This year, I plan dropping singles worthy of air play this years.

What was your first dream while growing up?

Entertainment right from the beginning. I have always dream of becoming a musician, but from the age of 11 plus I started dreaming becoming a philanthropist.

Who do you wish to be better than in the music and entertainment industry?

I love Fela Anikulapo Kuti and 2face Idibia, but I really want to be myself.

You should be married by now?

Noo, am not married yet, but I have a girlfriend.

What kind of colour can you die for?

I love a colour and that is white.

Tell us one of your bad characters?

I don’t joke with my morning sleep, I think that’s the bad habit here; I am an early hour sleep addict.

We kind of, ask this to our entire guest, your kind of food?

Rice and salad are my favorite food.

When you are not working in the studio what else do you do?

I work in Abuja i’m not a lazy youth laff, just joking.

How are your parents taking your new found career?

My daddy hasn’t said a word about my career though, but my mother still does not endorse the idea of doing music. I am quite certain that they will eventually support me when I have proven a point.

What sport do you like?

I love Football.

Brief history about Gen.T

Born Cletus Ojobo Godwin, grew up in Otukpa Benue State. He started music professionally 2015 when he first released his first single “Hembelembe”, his Dad a civil servant while the Mom is a trader. Gen.T attended his Primary, Secondary and Ordinary O level in Diploma Public Account and Auditing all in Benue State. His parents haven’t really shown interest in his music career. Gen.T  still thinks he can make them accept this love journey of no return as time goes on. Gen.T who took part in some talent shows like MTN Project Fame has one belief of becoming relevant in the music industry.

What do you think the upcoming artistes are passing through?

The music industry has been designed to favor blown artist, the upcoming are not recognized by the industry except you have money. Every upcoming artiste is passing through what I may call hard times due to the fact that the  industry is capital intensive.

What advice do you have for your colleagues?

As a fast growing artiste, my advice to the upcoming is to stay focused. Always remember, your part is to do good music, have faith and little patience and one day your talent will bring you to the lime light

King James media is awesome

Thanks to King James media for supporting me in their own way..I appreciate that, one love.

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