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Our Guest Star This Week Aliu Sunny David is Sunnex DE Comedian

Born Aliu Sunny David stage name Sunnex DE comedian, an Mc and a DJ. Born 6th June, 1993, from Estako East Local Government Area of Edo State. from a parents are Mr. Aliu James and Mrs.  Justina Aliu. He attended Okugbe Primary School Ivioghe and Oghe Community Secondary School Ivioghe, all in Agenebode Estako Local Government Area of Edo State, also an IT student.

David got inspired into comedy through the influence of an old friend while his role model in THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY is AY comedian, from a family of 12 children 8 girls and 4 boys.


From where do you get your inspiration?

From street when I’m taking a walk, we see things, look at things and we reason things, all this we put together to make people laugh.

What your favorite sports and food?

I love Football and when it comes to food I love more rice than any other food.

Where do you think u will be in the next 5years?

Super hi STAR.

Who would you like to be better than in the entertainment industry?

I just want to be myself and I alone sir, because I just believe is only God who gives names and I’m walking toward that.

BRIEF HISTORY OF Sunnex DE comedian

He was born  Aliu Sunny David in Estako Edo State, brought up by a single mother, he grew up loving through a friend and AY DE comedian. Born in 90st his highest qualification school he attended was a computer institute. David is who to a be star in few year is really determined to be at his best.

What are the problems artiste like you are passing through and the way forward?

Some people think we are not going anywhere but to us we know are going somewhere soon and later we will get there.

How supportive are your parents toward your occupation?

As for my parents it is not easy but I tried talking with my mother because I have no father any more. It  Is not easy to face my mother because she want me do something not comedy and she has been  trying  to make me leave Comedy but I have refused to yield to that, I make her understand that I love entertainment industry. So, I will make it big someday, so she is now trying for me, she  calls me on phone to pray for me

What’s your bad character?

When someone talk to my mother the way I do not like you just invited trouble.

He can be reach on email-Sunnexjdavid009@Gmail.com

What can you say to King James Media Company?

I thanked king James media for supporting upcoming artiste wishing greatness.

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Eweha Favour

Please note our interview post is base on answers to question we receive from our guest and correct which is subject to review.

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James Onomaosor Idinye popularly known as JoblessMc, is an actor, a blogger and a true life comedian. Hail from Edo State. A Banking and Finance student of Lagos State Poly and a professional security expect, still active. My true mission for blogging is to help the upcoming artiste and create an enabling environment for them all in the entertainment industry.

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