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Our Star Guest This Week Oyarey Success Is Yaretyt

Born Oyarey Success, stage name Yaretyt, born on 3rd March, 1992. A song writer and a singer, his parent are Mr. Ekere John Onyeke and Mrs. Agnes Ekere although the father is late, the mother happens to be a business woman. An afro-pop, R and B artiste, he hails from Ogbadibo Local Government Area Benue state.

He attended Ubono ai Odu Nursery School Ogbadibo Local Government Area, LEA Primary School Abuja and Oladam College Ede Adoyi owupka Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State.


Do you play any musical instrument?

I can play drum a little, that’s the honest truth.

Who inspired you into music?

Runtown, WizKid and Tekno, these are the guys that inspired me into music.

Who are your role models in the music industry?

My role models are Runtown and WizKid.

When did you start doing music professionally?

I came into music business in 2016 but I started fully professionally in 2017.

Have you been opportune to be in any show?

I have been to so many shows and it was fantastic.

Do you have brothers and sisters?

I came from Large family I have step sister and brother but I am the 5th living child of my mother’s children.

Give us links to your music online?





[20:25, 3/29/2019] Yarey Tyt Artiste: And others

[20:28, 3/29/2019] Yarey Tyt Artiste: Latest music.store

[20:29, 3/29/2019] Yarey Tyt Artiste: Download Music Mp3:- Yaretyt – Shawa Shawa https://www.latestmusic.store/download-music-mp3-yaretyt-shawa-shawa/

[20:30, 3/29/2019] Yarey Tyt Artiste: Meokeke.com



Oyarey Success is Yaretyt

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In 2 to 5 years to come I see me breaking through fully into the Nigerian music industry

What were you planning to be in early stage in life?

In my early stage of life I was thinking of becoming a music star, so I joined a singing group. Then it was a nice experience.

We do normally ask this question to our guests, what is your favorite colour?

My best colors are white, red and blue

Are you single or into any relationship?

I am not in a relationship and I am not married as well.

What is your bad habit?

My bad habit is that if say yes, I don’t say no. once I decided on what to do I don’t change my mind, irrespective of any other situation.

Name your favorite food?

My favorite food is swallowing with nice Egusi

What do you do outside music?

Outside music I’m into building (I am a Painter) and other little business activities.

How does your mom feel about your chosen career?

My mom is not against my career, in fact she prays for me.

 Do you have group or friends you roll with?

I have friends most of them mc, dancers and producers

What are your plans for this year?

This year I want to see a bigger and better me.

How interested is your mom in your music career and how supportive is she?

Agnes Ekere , she is a business woman, she is very supportive in many ways like prayers, she not against the choice of music as a career.

You can see I called her name that is the extent we are close to each other.

What kind of sport do you like?

I love football.


He was born Oyarey Success from Benue State, the fifth kid of his family. A singer and a song writer, he attended his nursery, primary in Benue while his secondary in Abuja FCT. Success father married three wives which include his mother who happens to be the second wife. He starts doing music professionally in 2017 as an afro-pop R & B artiste. The support of his mother has been a great advantage success making him still to be in the music industry.

Aka Yaretyt as popularly he is known was privileged to have attended many shown like “Lover Nite” “Diamond Hitz Street Jam” Dawaki Street Jam “Mula and Friends” to mention a few.

What are the difficulties you upcoming artistes are passing through?

We upcoming artistes face a lot of challenges in time of publicity, marketers and you will need money to push it these are all the challenges artiste pass through.

What kind of advice can you give fellow upcoming artiste?

As an upcoming artist my advice for my brothers is not to rush things, keep it on a low and keep praying for God to lead you to your own success. I want to say, don’t give up, keep pushing.

What can you say about King James media?

King James media is a place to revisit; because all you need to know about entertainment, breaking news, lifestyle and many more are there. In fact KJM is everything to me.

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