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Our Star Guest This Week Emediong Okon Is M.STAR

Born Emediong Okon stage name M.STAR, born 22nd May, 1996 from Ukannafun Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. A rapper and a song writer, his parents are Mr. Okon Etok Udoh and Mrs. Affiong Okon Etok Udoh, both are into trading. He did his first 4 year Primary School in Akwa Ibom (SPS) before relocating to River State, where he continue at CSS Primary School,  CSS community secondary and Okochiri Secondary School in Okrika Local Government Area in Rivers State.


Which of instruments do you play?

I play the drum and I’m very good at it.

Who inspired you in to music and your role model?

Duncan Might is one the musicians in Nigerian music industry who inspired me and my role model is Ycee.

When did you start doing music professionally?

I started entertainment business since 2013, I have attended many shows.

How do you get inspiration to sing? I do get my inspiration from present life we are facing; things happening around me.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 year?

In five years, i am see myself being celebrated in the music industry.

Tell us little about your family?

Nothing much though I keep my family profile very secret, I’m the last born in my family of three-two boys and a girl.

What was your early dream while growing up?

My early dream was to become a footballer.


Tell us your best colour?

My best colour is black.

What kind of food do you like?

My favorite food is EBA and any kind of soup.

If you are not singing what else do you do?

I have a barbing saloon and also into oil market business.

What bad habits do you have?

Hahaha, I don’t think I have any, I’m a kind hearted person. Quiet and I love playing music loud.

.In the music industry who would like to be like?

I want to be like Olamide Badooneh.

How are your parents taking your career and what was their respond when you first started?

My parents are really in support of my career with prayers and they take it very serious.


Born Emediong Okon stage name M.STAR, he is from Akwa Ibom State. He started professional music 2013, from the encouragement he got from big artiste like Ycee, Duncan might and Olamide. M.Star who rap and write songs don’t only sing but has other business he does. He grow up in river state, where he stated doing music. He is a drummer and the last born of the family of three- two boys and a girl. His current single is trending both for download or listening pleasure. Blessed by his parents and loved by his fans.

What are your plans for the remaining months of this year?

In the remaining months of this year, I am planning promotion for my songs; do radio tours shooting of my songs video.

What are your favorite sports?

My favorite sport is football.

What do you think upcoming artistes are passing through?

To my own understanding, upcoming artist are passing through a lot of things like neglect, cheating from record label.

What advice would you like to give upcoming artiste?

My advice to them is to hold on to God, keep on the race till they reach last line and keep doing good music.

What can you say to king James media?

I Pray, may God bless King James Media Company because indeed they are doing a good job helping upcoming artiste like us to grow and they are boosting our fanz base king James media chat and page. They are not only after the big stars, they think about the upcoming to become a star’s.

King James media they are doing good work God bless this company.

My single Tuale is currently online. 

Written by

Eweha Favour

King James

James Onomaosor Idinye popularly known as JoblessMc, is an actor, a blogger and a true life comedian. Hail from Edo State. A Banking and Finance student of Lagos State Poly and a professional security expect, still active. My true mission for blogging is to help the upcoming artiste and create an enabling environment for them all in the entertainment industry.

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