Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde- Recalls How She Almost Lost Her Daughter, Now a Graduate, At Infancy

The beautiful mother of four, however, went down memory lane, a renowned movie star Omotola Jalade -Ekeinde in thanksgiving mood. As she recalls how she almost lost Princess barely one-year-old. Started with her running temperature. I can’t remember how many hours anymore. She is our first child and we had not much experience. We gave her some medication, but she didn’t seem to get better.

Then suddenly, she slipped into what seemed to be a coma. I panicked, we all did, even neighbors and everyone, was screaming and suggesting all sorts. Princess Ekeinde who recently graduated at 22, “She was clenching her teeth fiercely, then an old woman we knew in the neighborhood suggested we put a spoon and pour salt into her mouth totally it wrong move.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and her Princess

Please do cold shower instead. We rushed her to the hospital, and at first, the doctors were a bit reluctant (I guess they thought it was a lost case). However, almost without much hurry, she was worked on and miraculously, she came back!

“We were told it was ‘high fever’ and it had affected her brain and she could probably not develop normally or be able to catch up with her peers. Short of saying (turning into) vegetable. As people of faith, we called on God, used proper medication and most importantly, applied extra lessons and treated her normal as others.”

Continuing, Omosexy, as she is fondly called, revealed the challenges her daughter had to face because of her predicament. “At first, it was challenging. As she grew, she struggled, mostly with her sight. She couldn’t see things right in front of her! Even in school, she would be put in front and still not see.

“At every level, Princess worked extremely hard, harder than others. Always trying to prove everyone wrong, and passed. Every time we feared or doubted, she passed with flying colours and moved to the next phase! Miracles before our eyes. Today, she not only finished well from University, she also insists on going for her Masters and is conquering all her fears.”


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