Instagram: Halle Berry On How She Slays Instagram —Old School Jungle Boogie

If you love your man as a younger lady better be close as this lady who is 50 plus is still very hot for any man whose house is not stable. It’s no secret that Halle Berry’s Instagram game is on point. Since joining the social media platform in 2016, 5million Instgram followers and an Oscar-winning actress has regularly snapped pictures that get the internet hot and bothered, starting with her first-ever post.

Berry made headlines again just a few weeks ago when she shared another eye-catching selfie.

Berry who said the media is a play where you tell your own story in a small, she explains. “[Instagram] used to be a place for photographers and artists to show their work, and now it’s become something all the way different. But I like to look at it from that perspective still: it’s about storytelling and photography and beauty.”

It’s also a way for Berry to speak directly to her fans, as well as other people she’s a fan of. “As an artist, it gives us an outlet to have a voice about what we want to chime in on and to say nothing about things we don’t want to say anything about. There’s a lot of power in that.”

And while she’s already offered fans many revealing peeks into how she spends her days, there’s one aspect of her life that Berry will never fully share on Instagram. “I don’t really show my kids,” she notes. Even though she’s allowed glimpses of her daughter, Nahla, and her son, Maceo, to sneak into her pictures, she’s largely tried to keep their faces off of social media.

That trepidation can likely be traced back to her own efforts to pass California’s anti-paparazzi law in 2013. That bill put in place strict penalties for photographers harassing children of public figures. “We’re moms here who are just trying to protect our children,” she testified at the time. “These are little innocent children who didn’t ask to be celebrities.”

Berry is slightly more comfortable with her children appearing in passing on Instagram, where she’s the one holding the camera. “I want to have an honest relationship with the public, and my kids are the biggest part of my life,” she explains. “I have to find interesting ways to have them be represented without exploiting them, without showing their faces and encroaching on their privacy and the intimacy of our family. But I want to let my fans know that they’re there and that they inspire me.”


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