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OGUNMOLA ABIMBOLA AYOMIDE popularly known as ABIZ THE ACTION RAPPER is Our Profile Guest This Week

Born OGUNMOLA ABIMBOLA AYOMIDE stage name ABIZ THE ACTION RAPPER, born 24th February, 1995 from Ekiti State. A rapper, a song writer and an actor, parents are Mr. Dare Ogunmola and Mrs. Beatrice Ogunmola they are into trading; I study mass communication in Ondo State Polytechnic. He started his Primary School in a Private School named Henry Kate Nursery and Primary School in Lagos State,  later moved to Ondo State, Akure, where he attended a  Private Secondary School named GodsWonder Group Of School and got his Ordinary Diploma from Osun State Polytechnic.


Please describe ABIZ in a few sentences?

I’m a simple guy and gently going soul.

Do you play any musical instrument as an artiste?

I don’t play any instrument.

Who inspired you in to music?

A friend inspired me to music.

Who is your role model in the music industry?

Reminisce Alaga is my mentor in the in Nigeria music industry.

When did you start music professionally?

I started singing since my Secondary School days six years back.

How many shows have you been feature?

So many, I can’t count how many shows I have been to, with this question I think I should be noting all my events.

This Is Where I Take Advantage Of Knowing Personal Likes Of Some Artistes:

Tell us your favorite colour?

My best colour is blue.

Are you married or singles?

I’m very much single and I am not in any relationship.

Tell us any of your bad habit?

No bad habit.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is noodles, I love mine noodles.

What else do you do when you are not singing?

What I do aside music is rollers sport.

How happy are your parents feeling toward your music career?

My parents have always been supportive since I started singing.

Do you have group or team you role with as a music artiste?

I don’t have team in music but I have friends that love my songs and always supportive.

What are your plans in these remaining months this year?

My plan for the remaining of this year is to join them in the industry proper and drop more tracks and promote them.


OGUNMOLA ABIMBOLA AYOMIDE stage name ABIZ THE ACTION RAPPER, born 24th February, 1995 from Ekiti State. A rapper, a song writer and an actor, his parents are Mr. Dare Ogunmola and Mrs. Beatrice Ogunmola who are into trading. The last born of kids of two, a mass communication student Osun State. He started doing music since 2003 while in secondary school.

From supportive parents ABIZ got inspired in to music by his friend the journey he vowed not to relent as he planned remaining in music for a very long time. He presently stays in Ondo State.

Tell us your kind of sports?

My best sport is rollers sport (skating)

What do you think upcoming artistes are passing through?

I have no idea of what upcoming are passing through in the industry but I’m sure they get more famous

So do you have any advice for upcoming artiste like yourself?

All I need to say to upcoming like me is to keep pushing someday they will get there.

What can you say about King James media?

Well I believe King James media could be a great organization and I wish them the best.

What are your plans in the next 5year?

I planned to be in the music industry for a very very long time.

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