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Ajipe Tolulope Stage is Tolufeel-Our Star Guest This Week

Born Ajipe Tolulope Stage name Tolufeel, born 3, December, 1990 hails from Ifedore Local Government Area of Ondo State. Her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ajipe , the father is Ondo while the Mother  is from Ekiti State.  They are both ministers of God and proprietor and proprietress of a School, HAPPY BET SCHOOL -SECONDARY and PRIMARY. A Hip-hop gospel artiste, she is good at playing guitar and keyboard, Tolufeel who was inspired in to music by God, she started doing music since 2013, an ex-student of Lagos University.


Kindly tell us who is your role model in the music industry?

Ibk, Bouqui, Mary Mary

How many songs have you done so far?

10 songs to be precise.

How do you get your inspiration to sing?

I get inspiration when I listen to instrumental, or when I am alone these areas I do get hype to sing.

It kind of weird when we ask this but  anyway, do you smokes?

No, I don’t smoke.

Do you have brother and sister?

Yes, I do we are only three in number, myself and two boy’s.

How can people get links to your singles?

The links to my  songs: etvafrica.com  and  mynotjustok.com

How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the Next 5 years? I see myself better and great, big time celebrity.

What was your first dream while growing up?

My first dream was to be a pilot and I wish I can.

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Who among those in the music industry inspired you, you want to be better than?

Am hoping to be better and bigger than “ibk”

We do ask this question to most of our artistes; tell us your favorite colour?

My best color is white and pink.


Born Ajipe Tolulope Stage name Tolufeel , from Ondo State, a student of Lagos university, a song writer, a rapper and a gospel artiste. She went in to music professionally 2013 even while she was in institution where she studied computer science major. Tolufeel who plays guitar and keyboard and love table tennis said she couldn’t do anything except music during the conversation because aside music she gets bored. From parents who are in to church ministry and school owners couldn’t be on the opposite rather love their daughter who prefers singing for the lord.

Are you married or in to any relationship?

Do I have a boyfriend? Yes.

As an upcoming artiste any advice to other upcoming artistes?

My only advice to upcoming is that they should remain focused and be prayerful.

Tell us your favorite food?

My favorite food, spaghetti

What else do you do while not singing?

When not singing, I feel bored that is all I can say.

How do you parents feel seeing you sing?

My parent, hmmm they feel happy when they see me sing especially when singing to the Almighty God.

Do you have any music team you role with?

Yes, I have a group, Covenant group.

Do you have any interest in sports?

Yes, l loves table tennis.

What do you think upcoming artistes are passing through?

Upcoming stars, we lack good promoters and good marketers and we lack God…God first in everything we do. Should be the watchword!

What can you say about King James media?

King James media is really trying for we upcoming, I pray God will enlarge you and bless you

Links: etvafrica.com and notjustok.com

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