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Eric Monday is “Ericklin” Our Weekly Guest-Profile


Eric Monday stage name Ericklin, born January 09, 1991, hails from Isiala Ngwa North of Umuezenta Local government of Abia state. His parents Mr. Monday Obia a businessman, while the mother Mrs. Cordelia Obia a trader. He attended a Private School, Foundation Nursery Primary and Secondary Aba, where he got his first leaving certificate 2001 and in 2008 he Errol in Senior School Certificate Examination Abia State. He later proceeded to Imo State Polytechnics Nekede 2009 but drops out due to financial problems he then took advantage of it to face music professionally. Eric happens to be a sociable person to enjoy if understood but doesn’t joke with business..yes very free in the heart …playful and intelligent. A songwriter, Hip-Pop, Afrobeat, High life, Reggae, and A & B singing.

Profile-Eric Monday is "Ericklin" Our Weekly Guest

Do you play any musical instrument? I do play keyboards but still not perfect to my satisfaction….no one is perfect we learn every day for more top up, I also have little experience in studio production.

When it comes to music, who inspired you? My Mom inspired me into music because I inherited it from her so it’s a natural gift from God through my wonderful mother….Actually “2Baba”  has always been a musician I look up to all my life. I give it to him “Burnaboy” he is also my role model in the entertainment industry.

When did you start doing music professionally? Actually I ventured into entertainment back then in the street where I grew up as a destiny boy, Then in my primary school days I lead the school assembly anthem, and finally, in my secondary school days I formed a group with my other good close friends who are also into music but we’ve parted. So, let’s say back when I was in school I started doing music.

Where do you get inspiration from to sing? Like I said earlier my talent was a gift from God so my inspiration is divine. It comes from God and my environment things happening around me my everyday lifestyle past and present living.

Tell us little about your family? My family is a God-fearing family we don’t do without the almighty…we put him first….and we are just 5 in number -3boys two beautiful girls and there is love among us.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? In the next 5 years, I don’t see myself upcoming, I see myself beyond limits and expectations, ministering to my fans with good vibes music and winning souls with my melodious voice and healing patients with this tunes because I will always turn up for the best for them to receive all over the world…I see myself an unstoppable legend.

If you have your way who will you like to work within the Nigeria entertainment industry? It has always been my wish to work with so many artists but for now specifically, I want to collaborate with 2face my mentor

What was your first dream while growing up? My first dream was on stage conducting millions of people with the Mic and my kind of flows, while also creating waves and making funds with my talent because music has always never changed in my life and me…

Who will you wish to be better than in the music industry? In the industry home and abroad, I don’t want to be like anyone.I choose to be real me …and I have a song titled…” I just wanna be real me”..yes myself

Funny, we always ask these questions is our routine, tell us your favorite colour? My best colour is white because everything about me Ericklin is pure and clean like snow.

Are you in any relationship or married? Oh yes, I am married to my life partner my soul mate and I’m proud of her as my lovely wife from across the sea’s, she’s an American.

Tell us any of your bad habits? The bad side of me ..hmmm let me check I don’t think I have any …am just imperfect being from nature…I can’t predict my actions. It can be caused by my mood or environment where I find myself at that point. So, I hate what I don’t like.

Tell us about your kind of favorite food? My favorite food as an African man is Egusi Soup with hot Eba

Apart from music what else do you do? Apart from music, I am into fashion a businessman into selling of shoes, and also put a little time to my father’s business.

What were your parent’s reactions when they discovered you are into music? My father and mother have been wonderful and very supportive …doing all they can to see me through. I give it up to them. But as African parents, you know what they are up to so I may say they tried but have no choice than to join the winning team and today I made them proud.

BRIEF HISTORY OF ERICKLIN- Born Eric Monday, stage name Ericklin. He hails from Abia state. A songwriter and hip pop, Afrobeat, high life, Reggae, and A & B singing. He found himself loving music and his parents supported him, from a well loving parents-father Mr. Monday Obia a businessman while the mother Mrs. Cordelia Obia a trader. An unpredictable young man who loves doing music inspired by his Mom, 2baba, and Burnaboy, he started doing music while in school, a drop out from Imo State Polytechnics Nekede. That didn’t stop him from his dream rather all he could think of is do good music, he has performed at Aba, Abia State at Luxury City Hotel and also Toscana Hotel Enugu, in Lagos Dan Morgan Hotel and Suite and Capitol Hotel and Suite De Santos Hotel Egbeda and De Dems Hotel Akowunju and many more.

Profile-Eric Monday is "Ericklin" Our Weekly Guest
Eric Monday is Ericklin

A sportsperson that loves swallow, Ericklin hates challenge, all he wants is to be better than himself as a music artiste. Apart from music, Ericklin is also into business and manages his fathers too, he is not just a vocal artiste also plays keyboards a practical artiste.

Do you have friends or groups you roll with as an artist? I am friendly but I don’t keep friends, rather I create a blood brother out of friends …….

Tell us about your kind of sport? Football has always been my second choice apart from music so, for now, it’s my best sport I partake while in school

What do you think upcoming artists are passing through in the entertainment industry? Hmmm for me every upcoming artist has different stories of what they passed through…I will pick just mine …so if you wanna use my story for someone else okay.

For me I faced a lot, people look down on me. Some saw me back then as lost child and sometimes I would go to show and return empty…sometimes DJ or MC’s don’t feature me in a show because I have no money to drop. Something I walk miles from home to places searching for a hotel to showcase my talent.

Sometimes poor productions are most of the challenges. If I start to talk am e no go finish so let’s leave the matter for matayas..and dirty for Lawma make them park. Because the future really matters.

What advice can you give to an upcoming artiste? Hmmm as an upcoming artist I stand here today is not by power or might but I must confess to you all, that upcoming artist outside there listening to my voice should stay focus.. believe, don’t relent keep pushing you’ll definitely exceed limits be prayerful because one with Jah is with majority…and try to do good music work hard to give out the best of you…they said Haven helps those who help themselves…

What can you say about King James media? I am very much grateful to kings James media…you guys are splendidly wonderful keep doing good works and on behalf of other upcoming artists I thank kjm for your support and concern to uplift us higher enormously….thanks.

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