Nigeria Ranked 54th Most Reputable Country in The World-2018

May at it may be Nigerian can be rated among something good, fact from the spectator index had it out of 195 countries rated Nigeria came out 54th Country in teams of reputation, obviously Nigeria can better.

  1. Sweden 2. Finland 3. Switzerland 4. Norway 6. Australia 7. Canada 8. Japan 10. Netherlands 13. Italy 14. Spain 16. UK 18. France 19. Germany 27. Argentina 33. Brazil 34. US 35. India 51. Saudi Arabia 52. Russia 53. Nigeria 54. Iran (RepTrak) this is the full meaning of reputation defined by dictionary-reputable
  2. having a good reputation.

“a reputable company” well thought of, highly regarded, well respected, respected, respectable, with a good reputation, of repute, of good repute, creditable, esteemed, prestigious, estimable; Established, well known;

synonyms: reliable, dependable, trusted, trustworthy, tried and trusted, honest, honourable, principled, above board, legitimate, upright, virtuous, irreproachable, anti-corruption, worthy, good, excellent, conscientious;

“if you decide to have an alarm fitted, make sure it is done by a reputable company” now you know the full meaning of reputable.

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