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Patrick Jr Timothy is Tee-y Blazz Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Patrick Jr Timothy stage name Tee-y Blazz, born 28th June 1998. An Afrobeat artiste, a songwriter, a dancer and a comedian. Hails from Abraka in Delta state but born in Edo state Benin City. His parents are Mr Patrick Timothy and Mrs Esther Timothy both are into business. He attended Ubowu Primary School and Ezomo Secondary later for higher education where he got (NCE) Nigeria College of Education Ekiadolo.  He started doing while in the ghetto and professionally in 2016.

INTERVIEW- so, tell us do you play any instrument? Yes I play the drums

Who inspired you into music? Hmmm a friend mine.

Patrick Jr Timothy is Tee-y

Who will say is your role model in the music industry? My role model is “Erigga”

When did you get into Entertainment business or music? It was 2007, though I start first as a dancer before going into comedy and now I singer.

How do get inspirations to sing? My instigation comes anytime I feel happy sometimes when I’m sleeping

Tell us a little about your family? Well, I’m from the family of seven I happened to be 7th born.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Everybody dreams are to be big, that’s what I see myself in 5year.

What was your first dream while growing up? My first dream is to make my family happy all the time.

Who would like to be better than in the entertainment industry? I’m hoping to better than nobody just myself, my dreams are big I don’t want to be like anybody.

This is kinda funny, is a regular routine to ask these questions to our entire guest, kindly tell us your favourites colours? Okay, my best colours are Red, Black and White

As a true Nigeria, what are your favourites food? Food his Rice, Eba.

A side music what else do you do? I do nothing outside music.

How did your parents feel about you being a musician? My family never wants me to do music for real but I still have the dreams to come out big one day they actually ask me to stop.

BRIEF HISTORY– born Patrick Timothy in Nigeria now base in Europe were he shuttle between Sweden and Italy. A comedian, dancer, a musician, a songwriter and an Afrobeat artist hails from Delta State grow up in Benin City. He came into professional music in 2016 as a young artist growing in the ghetto got him involved into music through in friend who inspired him more. Born in the 90th into business parents Mr and Mrs Patrick timothy sn, Patrick Jr is a trained teacher in a well recognizes institution in Nigerian Ekiadolo collage of education-Edo State Nigeria. The parent s weren’t okay seeing him joining the music industry but Patrick has promised to make it big on the process of changing their mind to accept his dream in future.

Patrick Jr Timothy is Tee-y Blazz,

Do you have a group of friends you roll with? Yes I have friends I roll with Alex trophy and E2

Enjoun J popular boy.

What are your plans in your music career? My plans is to drop some songs and videos this year.

What are your favourite sports? I don’t do sports, no interest.

What I think about upcoming artists? Work and keep on working one day you will get what you are looking for.

What do you when not in the studio? I love watching American movie and all listen to Afrobeat music.

Patrick Jr Timothy is Tee-y Blazz
Patrick Jr Timothy is Tee-y

Where fans see your work? You can see my work on YouTube, Facebook It’z Tee-y Blazz and Instagram tee-yblazzofficial

What can I say about King James media? I say all thanks to King James media bless up, and the home of helping all one love.

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