2018-Average Monthly Rent For Two Bedroom Flat Rated in Nigeria

London $2410 #8,676.00
Rio de Janeiro $771 #2,775.60. This is the Iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro at Corcovado Mountain is impressive indeed but it isn’t as big as it looks in the pictures an movie

Berlin $1160  #4,176.00

Hong Kong $3737 #13,453.20

Paris $3483 – #12,538.80.

The Eiffel tower history represents a part of the national heritage. It’s as been the symbol of France and Paris for decades, the construction was started in 1889

Singapore $1974 –#7,106.40 Merlion, symbol of Singapore
New York $2854 – #10,274.40

Do you know the status of liberty was made with copper but due to oxidation it changes to green?

Shanghai $1343 #4,834.80.

Arturohe Di Monica’s charging bull or commonly known as Shanghai Bull is a symbol Shanghai’s effort to build a financial centre that serves China’s economy. It is an iconic sculpture located at the Bund

Moscow $ 998 N3,592.80 – Kremlin is a symbol of not only Moscow but whole Russia as well, it is the oldest part of the city where grand prince Yury Dolgorukiy built a fortress that was first mentioned in the chronicle of 1147.
Tokyo $1740 N6,264.00


New Delhi $346 N1, 245.60
Madrid $1160 N4,176.00

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