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Agbaka Vincent is Vincii Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Born Agbaka Vincent, popularly known as “Vincii”, birthday January 2nd 1995. Hails from Anambra State, Ihiala Local Government Area to be precise. His parents are Late Mr and Mrs Justine Agbaka, his mother a businesswoman, as you already know the father is dead.

He attended St Eugenes Nursery and Primary School -Aba Abia state. When he finishes Primary education he further went for his secondary school education at Ritman College where he did his junior secondary school  1 to 3 in Akwa Ibom state and his senior secondary school in  Acess International  School Ss1-3 in Aba Abia state.

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He later went back to round off finally did he (west Africa School Certificate) in Living Word

Academy Aba Abia State. Currently a  student of Nekede Polytechnic  Owerri-Imo state OND, he describes himself to be like this, I’m a very friendly person, “I’m outspoken, I love to practicalize things, I don’t like no for an answer and I hate to have negative people around me”. A former staff of Guaranty Trust Bank, but I have to further my education, so as they say (knowledge is power).

Agbaka Vincent is Vincii

THE INTERVIEW: As an artist do you play any musical? No, I don’t play any musical instrument

Who inspired you into music? My inspiration? The likes of M.I Jesse Jags, 2face Idiabia, Burnaboy and foreign artiste like Rick Ross, Eminem, Tyga Dave, etc they are my guide.

Who can you say is your role model in the entertainment world? I’m sorry would it be strange to have more than 1 role model! I look up to a lot of people BURNA BOY, DREMO PHENOM etc

How long have you been in the music business? I started rapping for as long I can remember back in High school, I can remember I was punished in the assembly for writing down Eminem’s Mocking bird lyrics instead of observing my even prep classes.

How often do you attend music shows? Haven’t been to a very good show, just a few gathering.

Where do you get inspirations to compose music? I get my inspiration from things that happens around me, my everyday life, People I meet, places I go etc

Give us a brief history of your family? I am the only son, I have 3 sisters, I’m the eldest and I just have my mom my dad is late. we’re from Anambra State, Ihiala Local Government Area to be precise.

Do you have any singles online? Yea, most of my released works are on different sites and few freestyle videos are on YouTube and IG and Facebook

Where do you see yourself in the next 5year? With the right platform and God’s grace, I see myself going for shows outside the country entertaining my fans and everybody worldwide with the likes of Burna Boy, Dremo,  YCEE, Illbliss, Phyno and most of my up and coming artiste too.

While growing up what was your first dream? I have always wanted to do music; I couldn’t imagine life without music. I love the process of making music; I feel joy when writing a new piece.

BRIEF HISTORY of Vincii- bore Agbaka Vincent, a songwriter and a music vocalist the firstborn of the family of 4. He grew up having one dream “Music”. A student of Nekede Polytechnic Owerri-Imo State. He dumps his years in the banking sector to do music something he confirmed he can never regret. One of his ultimate goals was his mother and her friend support kept him in music, he got more inspiration from stars like M.I Jesse Jags, 2face Idiabia, Burnaboy, Rick Ross, Eminem, Tyga Dave. A true Nigeria who loves the path he has taken still feel upcoming needs encouragement as paying for everything could be frustrating especially when they go to clubs to sing. For instance, being asked to pay money before they can perform. He lost his father at a tender age, and mom has to be the only source of bringing him up.

This is where we start asking you some other personal questions, what your favourites colour? Depends on the occasion, But I like sky blue

Are you into any relationship? Yeah, I have a girlfriend. Not married yet

Tell us your bad habits if you have any? Bad habit?  I chew on my nails, but its work in progress

What’s your favourite’s food? I’m an African man (Egusi and swallow)

How is your mother taking your musical career? it gets better, My mom friends confess that I make good music, so my mom has no choice than to support me, but way back she saw musicians as touts, living lavish lives and having tattoo markings. But now she’s cool with me doing music.

Do you have friends or groups you roll with as an artist? Yeah, I roll with a few guys, The likes of ERIKLIN,  UC FLAMEZ, DALUKES (PRODUCER) DOPEX BEATZ (PRODUCER) DEX COOLS.

Tell us your favourites sport? Virtually every sport. My family kept making things happen when it came to sports, I wasn’t an exception mostly (soccer, Long jump, track Races)

What can you say about upcoming artistes in Nigerian? Upcoming artistes are really passing through a lot, we don’t have good platforms to showcase ourselves and when we perform the coordinators always want a free show from us. Common we make good music and we should get paid because we pay so much as to record the songs and we pay to blog them and have them played on the radio station.

What advice can you give to upcoming artiste with the little experience have? My advice to up and coming artiste is that they shouldn’t quit. Practice makes perfect and being humble should be a trademark as well. Learn every day and do good songs. Most importantly be yourself don’t try to copy others, BE OUTSTANDING WITH A GOOD CONTENT.

How can you rate King James media? I thought you will never ask, king James media is a very good Site, the work tirelessly and they update their library, I think this platform is good for any up and coming artiste to showcase their songs.

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