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Emeka Nduka is “Emie bosz” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Emeka Nduka popularly known as Emie bosz was on born 06th January 1997 in Orile Lagos, an Afro-fusion artiste, a songwriter and a dancer who hails from Orumba North in Anambra State. Born to Mrs Teresa Nduka and Mr Chris Nduka, the Mother a businesswoman while the Father is also into business.

Emie bosz as he is popularly known, attended Nursery School at Four Square Foundation in Ijora-Scholastical kiddies School in Ijora Lagos, Primary School and later went for his Senior Secondary school at Command Secondary School Ipaja and Ekum College in Amukoko, Lagos.

An easy-going and also temperamental person who also love to have fun. Emie bosz has stars like Psquare, Usher as mentioned while stars like Psquare were not left out as he was also parts of his role models in the music industry.

Emeka Nduka is “Emie bosz”

THE INTERVIEW- when did you start doing music? I started music when I was very young back in junior Secondary School ‘1’.

As an artist do you play musical instruments? No, I don’t, I only sing and dance.

When did you start doing music professionally? I started music professionally as far back as 2012.

Who inspired you into music? I was inspired by stars like Psquare, 2face Usher even back then I used to perform in school shows and ever since I started going to local shows around my neighbourhood.

Where do you get inspiration to sing? Get my inspiration from my mood and from things around me it’s just from so many things.

How many are you in your family? my father and mother have just 7 us and I happen to be firstborn.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? By God’s grace only the right platform and by God intervention I will be great in 2years time because I know and believe in myself I’m great it’s not about hyping myself.

Every kid growing up wants to make it big no matter where they aspire to be through God’s grace so, for me, I want to be great too.

How can fans see your works? To see more of my work follow at me Instagram @Emiebos twitter @emiebosz,  facebook @emiebosz

Which artists would you like to be better than in the Nigeria music industry?  Psquare I guess, I just want to hold big shows like them get massive sellout like them and surpass them as Africa music giant because they have done a lot in Africa musically.

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This is where we usually ask the same questions which happen to be our tradition to all our artiste- what is your favourites colour? my favourite colour is Gold.

What was your first dream while growing? Hahaha, bro, I actually want to join the Nigerian army but nature has his own way.

Are you into any relationship or married? I’m still single.

Tell us, what bad habit do you have? I can’t remember if have any bad habits oooo.

Do you have any favourite’s food? Any good food I see is okay for me.

Do you do any other business aside to music? I hustle to earn a living apart from music; I’m into buying and selling.

BRIEF HISTORY OF OUR ARTISTE EMIE BOZS-born Emeka Nduka in the 90s, the first from the family of seven. He grew up in Orile-Igamu Area of Lagos, a fine artist, a songwriter, a business-oriented person and an Afro-fusion artiste. He hails from Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State. He got into professional music in the year 2012, Emie bozs happens to be alone in the music world when it comes to family support but he claims this was destiny, his parents were his biggest critics and never supported him. An easy-going and also a temperamental person who also love to have fun, he got inspired into music by stars likes Psquare, 2face and Usher. Emie bozs happens to be a versatile person when it comes to music he can connect to anything that sounds like music.

Emeka Nduka is “Emie bosz”

How supportive were your parents toward your music career? Like I said before, they never supported me just me doing my own things.

Do you have friends or group you roll within the music industry? Yes, I do, I have lots of friends I roll with.

As the year is coming to an end what are your plans? It hasn’t been easy, but I only look up to God to keep showing me the right path till the year runs out.

What your favourite’s sports? I love Football.

As an upcoming artiste what are the challenges you and some up and coming artistes are facing? Up and coming artistes like me are not finding it funny because if you don’t have the right people to push you musically you are moving on a long trail, they only look on for their own selfish interest but there are still good ones out there who are trying to make out ways for us.

Still, the same thing keeps praying for God grace and improve yourself musically.

What can you say about King James Media Company? King James media has everything for King James media you guys are actually the best trust me.

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