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Charles Godsday Tuesday Inegbenedion is Triztar Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Charles Godsday Tuesday Inegbenedion, popularly known as Trizstar, was born on 5th May 1999. a singer, a songwriter and a businessman. Born to parents Mr James Inegbenedion and Miss Patricia James Inegbenedion. The fathers a fashion designer while the mother a businesswoman. He did his primary school in Edo state at Eguare primary school Oria, after he rounds up his he move to Lagos where started his Secondary School Olorunfunmi Grammar School Idimu Lagos state. A graduate of Ibadan State Polytechnic,  a serious-minded person who takes his jobs serious. An award winner, at 24/7 House of Habital he won the best stage performance artiste. Tristar who happens to be an Afrobeat artist is now into Gospel music, married to his lover turn wife Mrs Omolara Tuesday Inegbenedion. the couples are in their honeymoon no kids yet.

THE INTERVIEWDo you play any musical instrument? Yes. I play the keyboard.

How do you get inspiration to sing? The things I see around Inspired me.. and also get my inspiration through reading, listen to other artistes and watching movies..

Who can you say is your role model in the music industry? My role model is Mr.P, Techno and   Wizkid..

When did you start doing music professionally? I started music in 2010//..

My family is Christian background.. We are not poor and we are not rich.. .. I have done so many shows.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5years? In the next 5 years, I want to be better than Wiskid, Davido and Mr P.

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Where can fans see or listen to your music? Beautiful question, my fan go online type kjmblog.com,olofofomusic and naijaloadite.org you can see my work in all this online platform.

Give us your social media handles? @callmetizstar23, divinestar tizstar facebook.

This is where our usual tradition or routine comes in by asking the artist some personal questions!

Tell us about your favourite colour? My best colour is black…

Are you married or still single? Am married.

Aside from being an artist what else do you do outside music? Apart from music, I’m also a stylist.

If you have your way which music star would you love to collaborate with? I will like to do collaboration With Tekno or Davido.

What is your favourite food? I love eaten rice.

Tell us about your favourite sport? My best sport is football.

How supportive are your parents toward was your music career? My parents support my career and they are still trying for me ..

Tell us what bad habit do you have? My bad habit is that I love eaten food and listen to music.

How can people get your music? People can easily see must of my work on my social media and they can also search for on Google.

With your little experience, what advice can you give to other upcoming artists? My advice for the upcoming artist is, do not give up.. Keep trying your best and put your trust in God.

BRIEF HISTORY– born Charles Godsday Tuesday Inegbenedion, hails from Edo State, a student of Oyo State Polytechnic, a songwriter, a singer and a businessman. Born on 26th March to Mr James Inegbenedion and Miss Patricia James Inegbenedion. His parents happen to be part of his success as they in support of his being into music. Trizstar came to Lagos after he finished his Primary Education, becoming an artist wasn’t a long thing stars like Mr.P, Teckno and Wizkid. An award winner, Trizstar was nominated as the upcoming at 24/7 House of Habital he won the best stage performance artiste.


What can you say about King James media? King James Median. God bless u for your support.. ..  The best site to be to move faster for all your fans to get in touch with u as an artist is King James median…. .. Much love I get for u. Am done now.. God bless you, Sir. I’m grateful. Sure… Am grateful.

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