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Vusimuzi  Mazibuko  is Vector SA  Our Weekly Guest Profile

Born Vusimuzi “Vector SA” Mazibuko a self-taught creative and performer from a small town called Harrismith in the Free State Province where the love of art started from being a music lover, a Dancer and photographer which he started since the year 2003. His inspiration became more after joining performing art community groups and dance crews around which taught him more about creative art and meeting up talented individuals that could tell a story with their craft. In all he learned made him the music director and Choreographer in the process and nothing after those years were important in his life than Creative Art and telling a story.

In 2009 he moved to the big city of Johannesburg to pursue his dance passion career at the time he didn’t know what was in for his life. 2010, he was still growing in the dance and music production, 2015 it was when VM PHOTOGRAPHY 10 was established officially and since then all had been captured through the life experience one had gone passed.

Vusimuzi Mazibuko is Vector SA

(VMP10) is growing to be internationally recognized in the way it tells the stories of any kind as it’s currently capturing in concepts and themes that will either educate or emotionally give pleasure to the viewer,

In all the challenges that the industry brings VMP10 still see the brand growing more in future and all that is in it keeping its signature look.

Memories and special moments are the main reason why Vusimuzi Mazibuko is in the creative industry today and all is in the power of how art can capture one’s soul and emotions that keep the inspiration and passion strong…


He grew up in Free State in a small town called Harrismith and together with his brother and three of his sisters and Vector SA happens to be the last born, being raised by a single mother who was very loving and strong. She made them grow with the understanding of how life could beautiful more if they are united as family.

The usual dream of every young South Africa kids  they  wish to study further after matric but from being raised in an average family background it couldn’t be possible as he  had a deep love of studying Sales Marketing Management, he got to know that it’s those in that field who create adverts we love most in our TV screens and all that creative content in the media.

What I do in my daily life revolve around my passion and work I do, attending art festivals, music concerts, poetry sessions, art exhibitions with friends and loved ones.

Vusimuzi Mazibuko is Vector SA

What you do when not working?

I mostly enjoy adventures life and trips that would have such an atmosphere as nature is the spiritual voice that heals my soul, so take anywhere to the mountains, camping, hiking, parks will be happy…

Tell us your kind of music and movies?

I’m an all-round music lover as long it sounds good to my ears I love, to put them in order can say Accapella and choir come first and jazz then Electro House, kwaito, deep house, R&b etc… as long its positive as inspiration from its sound or lyrics is the chase. It’s the same with movies: Comedy, Romance, Adventure and Family type of movies are my best.

What makes you happy?

I always enjoy people who do good to others and for others generally, give thanks to life in all that it offers as my daily motto goes like: “Change what you can and accept the rest”. Like seeing happy faces no matter the situation ones goes through it’s powerful to just value the current moment, day and time given. And all the opposite of the above just gives anger to my soul and spirit…

If we just got wake up to do good, the world would be such a great place to be alive on….

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What kinds of colours do you like most?

Colours: Blue, White and Yellow

Are you a relationship like married?

Single not married yet

Have you been in any competition or win any award in your career?

Won Jika Majika in 2012 competition in video clip submission was the most voted one

No awards in the field, just have won best dancer of the festival in Duduza performing arts festival in 2015

Won an online photography competition called RETAKE hosted by TC MAILA the South African Best Ranked Tourist Photographer in 2017

 What can you say about king James media?

I would love to say thank you so much for this chance given to talk about my life and all goes deeply to King James Media for the opportunity. Keep doing good and you the best!

Social media platforms: – www.facebook.com/vmphotography10

www.instagram.com/vmphotography10 – www.twitter.com/vmphotography1- www.500px.com/vmphotography10

www.facebook.com/vectormediahouse – www.instagram.com/vectormediahouse

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Contact details:

Call/whatsapp : 063 733 0913

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