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Oluwarotimileyin Felix Omotolu is “T-Peculiar” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Born Oluwarotimileyin Felix Omotolu popularly known as T-Peculiar, was born January 4, 1986. His parents are Mr Omotolu Benjamin and Mrs Omotolu Rachel, his Father a cameraman by profession Kogi State government before he retired while the Mother is into ministerial work (a Lady Evangelist).

T-Peculiar is a gospel artist, a songwriter and plays musical instruments. T-Peculiar did his primary education in Kogi state St. Paul Primary School to be precise at Kabba/ Bunu Local Government area after rounding up his Primary education, went for his secondary school in same Kabba/Bunu local government area, after his Senior Secondary known as SS (2) in Nigeria  he left for Lagos to complete his schooling at Wenby’s College Lagos. A student of Peter kings where he study music in 2000, he later moved to obtain another certificate from Berklee College of music online studies in 2017.


As an artist how do you compose your music? By God grace, I write and I arranged all my songs by myself.

Who are the likes that inspired you into music? I want to say it was an inborn thing but as I was growing up I fell in love with Don Moen because I was called into the same ministry as he is into worshipping ministry.

How do you get inspirations to sing? Scriptures are my inspiration and 90% of my songs come’s through my dreams.

When did you start doing music? I started doing music in 1999

Let talk about relationship, T-Peculiar are you married or single? I’m single.

What were your activities while in school? I was a bandleader.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years? I’m seeing myself taking gospel music to another level and am seeing myself being a voice in the music world by God grace.

Tell us about events or shows you been involved in? I have been in so many concerts in Lagos, Kaduna, Kogi and Abuja… I don’t go for shows but I always go for ministrations where souls will be touch by my music and I always host an event called (The power In Worship) which is an annual event where children of God come together to worship their maker in one accord.

What do you do outside music? Outside music is still music and photography..

What was your parents’ reaction when they find out of your career?     My family said I am on my own that in their family lineage they don’t do music but my mother kept praying for me to move on.

Tell us about your sisters and brothers, how many are you in your family? We are 5 in number 2 boys and 3 girls I happen to be the 3rd born of my parents.

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Born in 80’s Oluwarotimileyin Felix Omotolu popularly known as T-Peculiar, grew up to love music coupled with the family Christianity made it became extraordinary different. The parents are not too encouraging but that was their first mistake that made T-Peculiar much more determined in his music career, a student of  Wenby’s  College and  Berklee College of music an online study centre. A songwriter, instruct mentalist and a music arranger. T-Peculiar who sings with the inspirations gotten from the scriptures he can be rated as another Nathaniel Bassy in the making, the 3rd born in the family of 5 from Kogi State single and still searching.

Tell us about other things you love aside to music? I love basketball and my best movies are drum line and fighting temptation, and my favourite colours are white, purple and navy blue.

Since you started music professionally how many singles have you done and their title?  Three of my singles are on Reverbnation.

My song is Otobiloba, Yin oluwa and Na you. Name to search on Reverbnation is T-peculiar.

What are your biggest challenges as a music artiste? My biggest challenge is that my families are the one discouraging me but that what makes me focus the more.

What are the challenges you think music artiste are passing through? The biggest challenge that the gospel artist is facing is that Pastors uses us to grow their ministries and after using us they eventually abandon us at the last minute.

With your years of experience, what advice can you give other upcoming artists? My advice to upcoming artists is this please don’t give up on yourself, don’t because of the challenges around you and give up, keep on moving and work hard on yourself cause you will surely get there and I want guys to know that if there’s no challenge there wouldn’t be a victory so kick on, the future is bright.

What can you say about King James media as an artist? King James media is not just a media like others but a helping platform for those who have given up on their career. I pray that this blog will grow to a radio station and  TV station in Jesus name.  Up  King James media.

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