King Music Worldwide Has a Crew-Fsqure

A music label known as King Music Worldwide has a new artists Azubuike Francis .c, Azubuike Felix .c the twins and Slowkelly-Ibekaeme Henry .c otherwise known as Fsquare in to their crew.

The Nigeria born artists Azubuike Francis .c, Azubuike Felix .c hails from Anambra State while Slowkelly-Ibekaeme Henry .c is from Imo State Nigeria.

Meanwhile one of the King Music Worldwide member a Nigeria born Euro base artist TEE-BLAZZ is expected to drop his latest singles soon, the singles titles are “OJORO” “HALLELUYAH” “GO GAGA” “MAKE WAY FEEL” and “TEE-Y – BLAZZ” with all  this EP obvious this  Christmas is goal.

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