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Love Ozekhome Is “Loveberry” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Born Love Ozekhome popularly known in her model and designers world as Loveberry, she first saw this mother earth in Victoria Island, 12 July 1995, Lagos state. A model a designer and a freelance. Hails from Edo State, Etsako East Local Government Area. Her Parents are Mr Martins Ozekhome business administrator and Mrs Folashade Ozekhome a Business lady and also Business Administrator, Loveberry did her Nursery in Lagos state, while her Primary and Secondary Education wherein Port Harcourt where she currently recites, a 300 hundred level student of Uniport, studying Philosophy. Loveberry describes herself to be fiercely ambitious, productive, highly intuitive, playful and can be naughty but well behaved.

Love Ozekhome Is Loveberry Our Weekly Guest-Profile
Love Ozekhome Is “Loveberry”

The interview
Who inspired you into modelling?
My mother inspired me into modelling and designing
Who are your role models in the modelling industry? My role model is Naomi Campbell and Victoria’s secrets.
When did you start doing modelling? I started modelling after my secondary school in 2012, fell back due to lack of confidence, started again in 2016 after I got into the University and been pushing despite my flaws.
Where do you get your inspiration from? My inspiration, I’ll say is intuitive, can’t point it out.
I just love my body and I now have confidence glued to me.. all I want to do is wear it.
Tell us a little about your family? From a Family of 6, my loving parents, I have an elder sister Gloria and two younger brothers Godwin and David. My mom is Yoruba from (Kwara state precisely)
Where do you see yourself in next 5years? In five years, I should be very successful in both my career as a model and a designer, my fashion line should be well known.
I’ll be better than I was and more than I am in my career as a model and designer.
Are you signed to any contract yet? Not yet just pull out of one; I’m currently freelance for now.
What was your first dream while growing up? I’ve always dreamt of becoming a Victoria’s secret a model.
Who would you love to be better than in the modelling or designers industry? I am me, Love, and I’m hoping to be better than I was and more than I am
“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are”
What are your favourite colours I mean the one you love the most? I love colours and Black is first on my list.
Are you in any relationship? I’m not married and my relationship status is confidential.
What are your bad habits? My bad habits are procrastination, Isolation and A foodie.
What kind of food do you like? I’m a foodie person, I love junk food.

Born Love Ozekhome popularly known as Loveberry, from a popularly known family the Ozekhame’s. A model, a designer also a business lady she sells sunglasses and contact lenses aside schooling, modelling and designer. Born in the ’90s to Mr Martins Ozekhome and Mrs Folashade Ozekhome both Business Administrator, due to her father’s business she has to move place, her nursery was in Lagos while her primary was in port river state capital currently studying Philosophy in Uniport. She started doing far back 2012 and she inspired by a model like a model is Naomi Campbell and Victoria’s secrets, a natural built status her confident better as her parents happen to supportive in her career. What keeps her going perfect in my imperfections, happy in my pain, strong in my weaknesses and beautiful in my way, did you know?

How supportive are parents when they find out of a new profession? My parents have been very supportive right from when I started
Do have friends or group you within the model would? I have friends, I have a team based on the fact that I have a career and we come together for a specific purpose.
What other activities were you engage to while in school? Modelling activities has always been choice even while in school.
What do think up-comers in modelling and designers industry are passing through? A lot of Intimidation and insecurity
Determination and relentless.
Have you attended any modelling or designers concept? I have been in some fashion shows here in Port Harcourt,
I did Attend some fashion shows like l’afrique fashion show on 9th and Afro fashion street festival held on 1st December last year just to mention a few.
Aside from modelling and designer, what else do you do? Like I said before I’m a student, an optician (sell sunglasses and contact lenses)
What are we expecting in this remaining part of this year? My programs these remaining months is to keep pushing my career and my fashion line
My biggest challenge was insecurity and lack of self-confidence, I’ve tackled that anyway.
What makes Loveberry Unique? Being me, who I truly am, perfect in my imperfections, happy in my pain, strong in my weaknesses and beautiful in my way. All because I am me.
How did you get your shape this beautiful? My shape is natural; I don’t need anything to keep me in shape.
Can you give us some of your social media handles?
Facebook: Loveberry Ozekhome
Instagram @loveberree
You can see more of my fashion line @berrys_secret

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