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Samuel Udoh Is “Mr Sam” Our Weekly Guest -Profile

Born Samuel Udoh popularly known as Mr. Sam, 10th July 1994, hails from Nsit-Ibom local government area in Akwa-Ibom, birth parents are Mr. and Mrs.Ufot Udoh Mother a cleaner at a bank while the father happens commercial bike rider. He attended Gifted Child Primary School and Muslim senior college in Kosofe local government-Lagos State.
The Interview
Tell us who is Mr. Sam? Hmmm, Samuel is one person who observes a lot and makes sure I understand every situation on the ground so as to be able to give a solution to it.
Do you play any musical instrument? Yes, I do play drums and guitar; actually, I’m a contortionist, not a musician…
Who inspired you into this art? The people who inspire me into being a contortionist are my friends.
Who are your role models? I do not have any role models in the entertainment industry just me.
When did you start doing contortion art professionally? I ventured into entertainment 2013 but professionally 2015 and I’ve been on countless shows and events since then it has been awesome.
Where do you get your inspiration from? I get my inspiration from everything around me, people around me and my family.

Brief History About Mr. Sam
Tell us briefly about your family? We’re seven (7) in numbers 3boys and 2girls which include my Mum and Dad, I’m the third born and the second son in the family. I finished my Secondary School 2013; I wrote my Jamb of which I got good grades but later decided to focus on developing my talent on contortionist more by indirectly putting my going to a higher institution on hold. I started my art 2013 before going professionally in 2015 even as a beginner I find himself, the second runner up in my first competition. I born in 90’s I couldn’t further my education due to my new found love “contortion”, I Mr. Sam I’m rating myself as the best in Nigeria and looking forward to a brighter future. Did you know?

Where can we see your work? How more of my works can be seen is through my Instagram handle @mrsamworld
How do you see yourself in the next 5years? How I see myself in the next 5years is me bringing the art of contortion to a high level in the Nigeria dance and entertainment industry… Where we get our space to also contribute as artist and artiste
What was your first dream at the early stage of your life? My first dream at my early stage was to become a banker
In the entertainment industry, who are you hoping to be like or better than? Well, in the entertainment industry today I’m not hoping to be like anybody because I’ve gat nobody in my field of art and hoping to be better than many people like Kaffy, the magneto dance company and so on.
What is your best color? My best color should be White.
Are you in a relationship or married? I’m in a relationship.
What bad habits do you have? A bad habit I have is… Not calling my families to hear from them after a long while.
What’s your favorite food? My favorite food is anything food that tastes so! Good in my mouth and it doesn’t disturb my tummy.
What else do you do outside contortionist? What else I do outside my contortion I dance and I also photography.

How is your parent taking your career and what was their reaction towards it when you started? My parents were in full support of my career in every way, compared to when I started which was like a thug of war between me and them…
Does days, when I’m going for rehearsals, are hard sometimes especially when it’s the day of the show and I will be coming back home late, that day I’m finished…
Do you have friends or groups you roll with? I do have friends I roll with. Cool ones I will say.
Though the year is still young what are your plans in the remaining months? My plans for the remaining months in this year are much, I need to raise enough funds to make good projects and get involved in contemporary projects and productions to update my CV.
What are your biggest challenges in this profession? My biggest challenge…Was when I had to go for a competition for the very first time alone and because then I wasn’t too exposed it was hell, so it was very challenging for me be it’s a six different performance of one talent, so with my kind of art it was so challenging creating something new in a short time but I did break that mentality and made it to the finals and also came up as the second runner up…
What your favorite sports? My favorite sport just basketball.

What are the challenges up comers are passing through? What the upcoming are passing through are lack of supports because I had it challenging when I started, if I had gotten better support at my Early stage I will be probably be competing with world best contortionists in the world, though I know I’m the best right now in Nigeria; when it comes to my craft.

What kind of advice can you give to other upcoming artists? My advice to the upcoming is to keep pushing and never give up because there’s no reason to give up… And also to be open to every information going on around him or her…
What can you say about King James media? King James Media, you guys are the best thing that has ever happen to me this year I thanked the management team.

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