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Jacobs Innocent Jr Is “PAPEX” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Born 1st April 1993 in Lawanson of Lagos but grew up in Ikotun-Alimosho local government area, real name Jacobs Innocent Junior popularly known as PAPEX hails from Abia state, born to a responsible family Mr. Jacobs Innocent a poultry farmer and Mrs. Jacobs Sabina Nanny also sell fellow used cloths. He attended Ategbo Olukotun Primary School and Simmic High School all in Ikotun- Alimosho.

Jacobs Innocent Jr Is "PAPEX" Our Weekly Guest-Profile


Who is Papex? My kind of person, well, I’m emotional and I don’t keep grudges, am easy to Love, am cool calm and I stay away from troubles, I do me and I love my family.

Do you play any musical instrument? No, I don’t.

Who can you credit your inspiration to music Artists? No one inspired me, Music chose me but I would say MI ABAGA made me fall in love with rap.

Who is your role model in the music industry? My role models are Evangelist Ebenezer Obey, MI ABAGA.

When did you start doing music professionally? Professionally 2008 I sold my soul to the Entertainment world and the shows have been involved in are:

Green Music 36 Concerts with the Chocolate City and Loopy music and I performed on stage with MI ABAGA, I also won his gold chain that night.

* Winner of Coke Studio street competition Ketu -Lagos, performing arts at the Coke Studio grand finale Festac Lagos.

* Lagos fiesta Epe 2017 / Ikorodu 2018 performing artist

* Wazobia carnival 2017

*Femi and the Gang (champions league final fans showdown) etc.

Where do you get inspiration from singing? I get my inspiration from God and life, things around me.

Describe briefly about Jacob’s family? The JACOBS, we breathe talents, we fight for everything and we get it, we are survival. We are 11 in numbers including my Dad and Mum, seven (7) girls and two (2) boys, I’m the eight and first boy of the family.

How can fans see your work? People can see my works online because for real, the Internet don helps us make am easier. All you need is to search IAM PAPEX or PAPEX and you will see all of it.

How do you see yourself in the next 5years? I see myself on top of the world goodness in the next 5 years by God’s grace.

What was your first dream while growing up Papex? My first dream at the early stage of my life was to meet MI ABAGA and I did, obviously being a music artist was my first dream.


What was your greatest mistake while growing up? Mine was knowing IM Mr. Incredible Abaga.

Which of these big stars would you hope to be like? Wow, this is a tough question. Well, we all have who we hope to be like and having such mentality is the reason why we get to our destination but when we finally get there, we get to find out that all we need to be is ourselves. So if am to answer the question, I hope to be myself and to keep getting better in my day to day activities.

Brief history Jacobs Innocent Junior

Born Jacobs Innocent Junior popularly known as Papex, a singer-songwriter and hair fashion designer, grow up in the city of Lagos from a respected parent Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs Innocent senior a poultry farmer who loves doing what he knows best. Born in 90’s he grew up loving music and meeting stars like MI Mr. Incredible was like a dream come, even when his father wasn’t too interested in music the mother, on the other hand, was a big influence. Getting inspired by stars like MI has nothing to do with the inspiration he gets for which comes from God and his environment. Did you know?

This is where we ask the artist some personal questions; kindly tell us your best colors or color? My best color is RED and WHITE.


Are you into any relationship or married? I am in a relationship and I have a child but am not married.

We all do but let hear yours, what bad character do you have? Lol…My bad habit bad gang oi but I’ll tell you more in private…lol.

Do you have a favorite food? I don’t have a favorite food, I eat anything food o.

Outside music is there any other things you do? I manage artist and I’m a stylist in Gele and I do hair.

How supportive are your parents towards your music career? My dad was never there but my mom is 100℅ in support with cash and advice.

Do you have a group or team you roll within the music business? I don’t do friends and I don’t have one, I do family and yes I have a team.

The year is still very young what are your plans? My plans for the remaining months of this year, it’s on coded but you will see it when it’s time.

Do you like sports? Basketball for life.

What do you think other upcoming artists are passing through? Tough time Upcoming artists are going through hard times both from OAP, Dj, Show promoters, Labels and Markers, and sound-alike Artists are going through the worst case.


Any advice for up comers? My advice to upcoming artists is to Never give up guys and if you have any other ways to help your fellow upcoming Artist, do it because helping him is the same as helping yourself.

What can you say about King James Media? Only King’s rule so keeps ruling….. I gat you any day, God bless you.

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