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Aipoh Elijah Idenebemeh Is “MC NETWORK” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Born Aipoh Elijah Idenebemeh popularly known as MC NETWORK, born 20th November 1997. A singer, an actor and a very good cook, he from Edo State Etsako East local government area. Born to a wonderful parent Mr. Aipoh Moses a Car Engineer but he’s Late, died last 3years and to Mrs.  Aipoh Victoria a Business Woman and Also a Gospel Singer.

He attended Queen’s Science and Art Nursery, primary and Secondary… currently I’m a student of Auchi Poly (ND1).Aipoh Elijah Idenebemeh Is “MC NETWORK” Our Weekly Guest-Profile


Who can you credit your inspiration to when it comes to comedy? God Almighty He’s the Giver of Talent…

Who is your role model in the Nigerian comedy industry? Well, that will be Akpororo, I really love his personality.

When did you start doing comedy professionally? Well, I have been doing Comedy for a Long time but I started doing it professionally 2019.

Where do you get inspiration to do comedy or jokes? I get my inspiration from God and my mother is left out as she has been very encouraging.

Kindly describe your family? I am from a Family which I regard to be best in the World, We are 9 in Numbers 4 boys 3 girls and I happen to be the 7th born of the family while Dad is Gone to rest (late)we are just left with our mother.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5year? I see myself on top of the World… You know what I mean? Just doing what I know best comedy.

Have you ever been to any competition as a comedian? Yes, two to be precise and are all In Auchi, though I didn’t win… I can’t lie but it was fun to be part of the event.

What was your first dream while growing up? My first dream was to be a Minister of God (Pastor)… Lol, surprise?

Tell us your best color when it comes to fashion? Well not a fan of Dressing, but if I have an event I always look hot and good.

Any relationship or are you married? NO!!! Am single and I still dey hustle?

What can you call your preferred wife material? That Private property…

Are you a religious person? Yes, I’m a Christian.

Describe yourself Mc? Hmmm well Am Cool, Funny that’s me.

What are your favorites aside Mc? Sure, that’s Cooking, Dancing, Singing, Teaching.

How supportive are your family regarding your present line of business? My Mother is in Full Support..at times she does tell me Jokes.

Do you have a group of friends you roll with when it comes to comedy? Sure, but just one his name is VoV (Voice of d Voiceless or Mc Voice) no group.

What are your challenges as a comedian? Money ooo… Lol You know na to Push forward, bills to pay and other kinds of stuff.

Kindly give your fans your social media handles? Facebook: MC NETWORK, Twitter: MC NETWORK, Instagram: MC_NETWORK_CFR

What advice do you have for an upcoming comedian?  Upcoming Artist is the Future of the Entertainment Industry… So I’ll advise you stay Focus… Always read Books… And Browse, don’t forget to Pray to Your God…

Aside from comedy what else are you in to? Well, I sing, a Businessperson, I’m also into Networking Business (Sim Registration) and I’m an Actor too… A Nollywood Actor.

What do you for leisure? I watch Movie a lot… And I love Music… In fact, if I leave comedy, I’ll be moving into Music

What show was your first paid job? Wow, I won’t forget that day…  That money helped me ooo. It was a Church Event…

Any fulfillment as a comedian? There’s is a Fulfillment but not what I really expected.

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Born Aipoh Elijah Idenebemeh, in Etsako Edo State in the late 90s to Mr. and Mrs. Aipoh Moses. The father was a motor engineer while was a businesswoman and a gospel singer, he grew up loving programmer like a “Night of a Thousand Laugh” though the father is late, but never a dull movement lives up to the task. Elijah who said got his inspiration from also has a supportive mother who a while gives him some jokes. A student of Auchi polytechnic in Edo state has so many supports as he is good at networking and cooking. He proudly said I’m funny, a singer and also an actor, his dream while growing was to become a pastor but nature has ways of doing things. The seventh child of the family of nine has a big dream of changing the comedy industry by introducing love and humbleness. Did you know he is single but not searching?Aipoh Elijah Idenebemeh Is “MC NETWORK” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

What made you go into comedy? Comedy is one thing that has been in my Blood that, my entire Family member knows… and then I watching “a Night of a Thousand Laugh” though I was small then oo, I’ll start saying my own words of Joke, my mum and sisters will laugh and Laugh.

Any regret as a comedian? Yes, and no Regret, you know anything that’s your Destiny, there must be Regret in the Beginning…

Aside from Mc what else can you do? Well, I Act, Sing and Cook l love cooking.

We all watch movies, listen to music and eat, so, tell us your kinda movie, food, and music? Haa, I love Adventure movie, I don’t have a favorite food and love hearing Gospels music…

How did you come about the name Mc Network? It came from God seriously in a miraculous way.

What would you like to bring to the comedy industry if you are opportune? Love and humbleness. Most big artists in this industry behave like God

What would like you like to change in the comedy industry? Waoo, the barriers for upcoming artists is a death sentence, they don’t give upcoming artists platform to perform in big shows.

What are your likes and hates? Well, I like all and I Hate the Proud…

Everybody has bad habits what yours? I don’t know my bad Habit😜 Well maybe Phone, because always with doing one thing or the other don’t I’m into networking.

What else do you do while not doing your Mc’s job, networking, or coking? I read Dailypaynews.

What will do with your first 1 million naira? I will give it to God.

What can you say about King James media? The best Media…. Keep doing the Good Works the Sky is just your Beginning. LONG LIVE KJM

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