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Abdurrahman Abass Is “Tubasky” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Born Abdurrahman Abass is popularly known as Tubasky, an Afro Pop artist, born on the 8th of December, 1994. From wonderful patents Mr. Abdurrahman Ikfimhe an Islamic teacher and Mrs. Habitat Abdurrahman a trader by profession. He hailed lmiakebu in Estako East Local Government of Edo State Nigeria, current living in Lagos stats.

He attended Azamanodu Primary School in Imiakebu Estako east Local Government Area of Edo state, after the Primary, he for Trinity Precampus Secondary where he did his junior secondary (1) to junior secondary (2) later moved to Lagos where he finished at Sofunix International Secondary School Lagos.

The Interview:

What kind of music do you play as a music artist? I play Afro Pop music.

Tell us who is Tubasky? Well, what I say is Tubasky is a calm person and very jovial in a short sentence.

As an artist do you play any musical instruments? I do, I play the drum and good at it.

Who inspired you into music? Good one, will you believe if I say no one? I inspired myself, and that is the truth.

Who can you say is your role model in the music industry? I love Ice prince, I chose him as my role model.

When did you start music professionally? I doing music since 2012, and have been to so many shows big and small.

How do you get inspiration to sing? I get inspired through so many ways, especially If I’m alone I get inspirations. I also get through social media like Instagram, Face book page, and twitter when I go through them.

Where do you see yourself 5years from now? International superstar by the grace of God

What was your first dream while growing up? My first dream was to be a doctor, but nature as his ways of doing something.

Which of the artists would like to be like in the music industry?  I don’t want to be like anybody, am coming with my own talent.

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Which of the colors do you prefer when it comes to dressing? My best color is blue.

Discuss your relationship with as an artist? Nooo, I like keeping my relationship private, no comment.

Is naturally to have a habit good or bad so, tell us yours? I don’t think I have, let me say I have Zero habits.

Abdurrahman Abass Is “Tubasky”

As an artist some food is recommended to avoid the issue with their voice, do you have any favorite food as an artist? Yes, I love Rice.

Aside from music what else do you do? I’m into Electrical engineer.

How your parents taking your career as a music artist and what did was their reaction towards it when you first started? They gave me a word of advice and supported me with prayers.

Do you have friends, groups, or team your role in the music industry? Yes, I do, music is all about people so I need all the friends I can get.

What are your plans for the remaining months this year? Having done a co-labor with AYKEEZ, I’m planning to release my own single soon.

Do you have an interest in sports? Yes, I do, I love Football.

What are the challenges artists like you are passing through in the music industry? A lot, more of us are very talented but due to finance, we are not buoyant enough to get to some setting stage in the music industry.

Any advice for other upcoming artists? My advice to my colleague, they shouldn’t give up, and they should try to be creative.

How do you feel being an artist? I feel excited about my music career, and I’m yet to explore more.

Abdurrahman Abass Is “Tubasky”

Brief History Of Tubasky

Born Abdurrahman Abass popularly known as Tubasky, an Afro-pop artist, was born in Imiakebu Estako East Local government of Edo state Nigeria, brought up in Niger state Nigeria and now based in Lagos. He came from a polygamous family, with five elderly brothers and five sisters, he happens to be second to the last born of the family. He attended Precampus Secondary where he did his junior secondary (1) to junior secondary (2) later moved to Lagos where he finished at Sofunix International Secondary School Lagos.

Being into music professionally since 2012, he fined it easy as a musician because of family support for the love he has for music, electrical engineer aside music. Music wasn’t his first dream but no regret as his love for music continued to grow. Growing up loving music wasn’t a mistake because it was inborn, Tubasky refused to forget his role model (Ice prince).

What can you say about King James Media? They are encouraging and supportive, I think with them I will keep on with my music vibes.

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