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Dakolo Alfred Papapreye Is “MBEE” Our Weekly Guest-Profile

Born Dakolo Alfred Papapreye popularly known as MBEE, a Nigeria he hailed from Ewoama locality under Brass local government area, Bayelsa State.

His parents Mr. Dakolo Clement Bara businessman while his mother Miss. Diepreye Benson a caterer by profession, though the couples never got married.

He started his education in Ewoama brass Bayelsa state then under former River State at St.Paul primary school in the ’90s, he later relocated to Lagos around 1998, where he continued his education and finished his senior secondary certificate education in 2010.

An Afro and Afro infusion music artist, but vibe to any kind of genre that comes his way.

He regards himself as a God-fearing person, cool, gentle, and funny, but don’t keep many friends.

The Interview:

Do you play any musical instruments as an artist? I do, I play a little of the piano but not really perfect, and I love playing the guitar still not good at it.

Who could you say inspired you into music? Hmmm I will say Drake because I love everything about him, his swagger, his style, and many more.

Who are your role models in the music industry? Drake, Vybe Kartel, Busy signal, and Mavado are these artists are my role model in the music world.

When did you start doing music professionally?  That should be around 2009 when are first recorded my 1st track title make money Prod.by.MLV in Lagos at music kitchen studio.

How many shows have you attended since you started singing? Have been to more than 10 shows three at Lagos and seven in Bayelsa state in Brass local government Area.

Where do you get inspiration to sing? By listening to beat, and other things around me these are things I get my inspiration from.

Can you tell us a little about your family background? Names of your siblings and your position? Like have said before my parents didn’t marry, am the only child to my Dad while my Mom has three kids two girls one boy, and I’m the second child to my mother, I don’t want to mention their names.

Where do you see yourself in the Nigerian music industry in the next five years?  Where do I  see myself in the next five years? I myself as one of the great artists in the world will be talking about a legendary artist not just in Nigeria.😎😎

How can people hear your music, like where?  I guess my record label will be in the best position to answer that question I believe.

What was your first dream while growing up? my dream was to be the five stars of my family and to help people who are in need, in that dream am like their savior sent from God.

Which musical star would you like to be like? I want to be like Drake.

Brief History Of The Guy Called MBEE

Born Dakolo Alfred Papapreye popularly known as MBEE, a Nigeria he hailed from Ewoama locality under Brass local government area, Bayelsa State. An Afro and Afro infusion music artist, a God-fearing person, cool, gentle, and funny despite his family background. His father and mother really got married the second child to my mother as he positions himself, he started doing way back 2009 and he has gotten his fair share of hardship both from his father DJ’s stress of DJ’s and not getting support from his parents especially his father. Born in the ’90s his educational background was very brief, a talented musical artist, inspired by artists like Drake, Vybe Kartel, Busy Signal, and Mavado. His next move of action is to take over the music world or to be recognized as one of the best in the world.


This is where we have to ask some personal questions: 

Tell us about your favorite color? My best color is Black and White.

Are you in any relationship? Right now am single. 😞

Can you share light on your favorite food? My favorite food is Beans and Cocoyam-Pepersoup.

Do you have a bad habit; we all do tell us yours? Hmmm my bad habit is drinking alcohol, I really drink.

Aside from music what else do you do? Apart from music am into computer engineering, I repair computers.

Kindly tell us how supportive are your parents supporting you in your music career? My father never takes my career serious like supporting me with money for a studio session, all my respect goes to my aunt and my mother because they are always there for me.

The year is almost coming to an end what are your plans? My plans for this remaining month of the year is to make good music and leave the rest to my label for promotion, I want my songs to go viral.

Any cool guys you do music with like a group? Yea I got friends who are into music too. No group and no team, just me.

Which of the sports do you like? I don’t really have an interest in sport but are do like football.

What is it like to be an upcoming artist? Being an upcoming artist is like being in prison, nobody takes you serious is hard to get shows, DJs are like your song is not perfect, even your street niggers see you different nobody wants to listen to you, whenever you send your songs to your guys the next minute they delete, you are like nobody to everyone eyes and it will make you want to quit doing music.

As an artist what advice can you give to other upcoming artists? My advice to other upcoming artist is to believe in yourself, when you start listening to what people are saying about you from that moment you beginning feel discouraged, so be yourself and work hard you will be there.

How do you feel being an artist? I feel good being an artist cause this the only thing that gives me joy in my life

What can you say about King James media? What want to say is a very big thank you to king James media for recognizing and supporting the young artist, you guys are the best, and keep the good work I love you guys.

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